What We Do


We’ve all seen them: late night television commercials asking you to look into your heart and support a cause in need of funding. These commercials, and similar advertisements on the web, attempt to use guilt as a motivator for donation. While this tactic can yield results in the short term, recruiting long term donors requires a more effective solution. By focusing on the positive, empowering aspects of donating, and its benefits for both the charity and the individuals supporting them, long term donors can feel a sense of ownership over the cause they’ve chosen to support. This philosophy of positive empowerment is the core of DialogueDirect’s mission statement.Our fundraisers remove the barriers between donors and charities by interacting with donors one on one, face to face. Utilizing their exceptional communication skills, they present the facts donors need to make an informed decision about backing our charity partners. Our dialoguers train every day to increase their knowledge of our non-profit partner’s mission and goals, to better field any questions their donors may ask them. This ability to interact with donors, give them the facts they need and help drive home the urgency of their donation is why face to face fundraising is so successful for both donors and charities. DialogueDirect’s commitment to transparency, charity knowledge and signing committed quality donors is why we have the highest rate of donor retention in the business.

DialogueDirect works with exceptional charities, but our greatest strength is the quality of our fundraisers. With outstanding communication skills and work ethic, we open the door for donors to change the world, and for charities to reap the benefits of their consistent support and achieve more than they have ever thought possible.