DialogueDirect offers comprehensive fundraising strategies for domestic and multinational charity clients. Our specific face to face approach has proven to not only be cost effective, but has also resulted in quality contributions. This is possible singularly through our Dialoguers’ ability to create personalized environments by sparking genuine conversations with individuals.

Our personal, yet scalable, approach creates a blend of education, activism and relationship building in each Dialogue. The natural results are long term sustainable pledges made by committed individuals who have been inspired to become a part of the solution. Our fundraisers receive extensive, ongoing training and regular charity updates to ensure that potential donors receive informed and professional communications which result in quality donations for the charity.

Street Campaigns:

Street fundraising can add tremendous value to the organization’s mission.  We engage directly with the public in busy metropolitan areas. Coupling this venue with our professional, yet passionate, Dialoguers is one of the best ways to build a solid donor base for our charity clients.  Street fundraising can reach those “on the go” donors who may not have the time for traditional marketing campaigns.

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Door-to-Door Campaigns:

Door to door fundraising is a classic grassroots fundraising method. It is quickly resurfacing as one of the best venues to obtain regular, committed gifts.  Our Dialoguers find success reaching individuals where they feel comfortable making decisions: their homes. The process begins with informing individuals and families and grows to encompass entire communities, and ultimately, entire metropolitan areas.  This grassroots approach has proven to produce great results and a feeling of community.





Private Sites/Mall Campaigns:

The fastest growing division of DialogueDirect is our Private Site/Mall Campaigns.  Reaching individuals in venues like local shopping malls, community-based events, train stations, and private sites has shown great fundraising success and excellent branding opportunities for our partners.  Whether these potential donors are actively looking to spend money or on a leisurely stroll with friends and family, advertising with personable charity representatives adds a special touch of awareness and branding seen by many.