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DialogueDirect’s biggest assets are their team of passionate and dedicated fundraisers and their committed leadership, all of whom are constantly looking to partner to improve results.  The entire team has a passion for our cause that is inspiring.  In fact, many of the fundraisers support the kids we serve directly!

Susana Eshleman / President and CEO / Children International

Dialogue Direct for us is more than just a fundraising agency, it is a real partner. Together we create a better world for children by overcoming any challenge and working as a team.  Their passion, good attitude and drive for results make this project a unique experience for UNICEF.

Chris Martinez / Fundraising Specialist/Individual Giving / UNICEF Mexico

Dialogue Direct is one of the most professional face-to-face partners we have worked with in the US market. They deeply care about our mission and helping the world's most vulnerable children. We are proud to say their teams are enthusiastic and bring high quality sponsors to join our cause.

Amy Diaz / Director, Acquisition Marketing and Global Sponsorship / Save The Children

Street campaigns

Street fundraising is our flagship fundraising format.  We engage directly with the public in metropolitan areas, fostering dialogue with donors in their own communities. Coupling this venue with our professional, passionate fundraisers is our most successful model, and we pride ourselves on pushing the standard of the face to face industry through our street campaigns.

Private sites/mall campaigns

Reaching individuals in venues like local shopping malls, community-based events, train stations, and private sites has shown great fundraising success and excellent branding opportunities for our partners.  Whether these potential donors are actively looking to spend money or on a leisurely stroll with friends and family, advertising with personable charity representatives adds a special touch of awareness and branding seen by many.

Door to door campaigns

Door to door fundraising is a classic grassroots fundraising method. It is quickly resurfacing as one of the best venues to obtain regular, committed gifts.  Our Dialoguers find success reaching individuals where they feel comfortable making decisions: their homes. The process begins with informing individuals and families and grows to encompass entire communities, and ultimately, entire metropolitan areas.  This grassroots approach has proven to produce great results and a feeling of community.

Meet The Team

Mike Wakeland

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Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Mandell

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VP and General Counsel

Darren Corrao

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Vice President of Operations

Peter Hause

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Business Development