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About Us

We believe in changing the world in a real

and lasting way, one dialogue at a time.


Our commitment to a culture of development

inspires the integrity of our teams, the respect

of the public, and the trust of our partners.

Our Story

Our Story

DialogueDirect is a face-to-face fundraising leader and pioneer, providing active engagement and

long-term support to many of the greatest charities in the world. Founded in 2003, our strength

comes from the determination, passion, and resilience of our team – who empower and impact

thousands of lives every day across the nation and the world.


dialogue | di·​a·​logue | \ ˈdī-ə-ˌlȯg \

Noun from the Greek word dialogos (meaning “through the word”):

Creating an environment that welcomes direct discussion; for a purpose; in depth; multi-way;

open sharing of feelings, ideas, opinions, and thoughts; seeking to understand; structured

Our Team

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Chief Operating Officer

Darren Corrao

Mike Wakeland |

Chief Executive Officer

After beginning his career entry-level in the field, Mike fervently leads a team with well over a century of collective face-to-face experience and knowledge. He focuses on developing the future leaders of generations to come…


Director of Recruitment

Christina Ola
0 (16).jpeg

Matthew Johnson

National Trainer


National Operations Manager

Jemimah Thomas

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Our Team
Our Values

Our Values

Changing the face of fundraising forever - to ensure every partner fulfills their purpose.


Culture of diversity,

family, and teamwork.


We’re building a collaborative

environment where our teams

can learn and thrive together.


Culture of leadership,

quality, and respect.


We’re upholding the best

possible version of ourselves,

personally and professionally.


Culture of entrepreneurship,

growth, and performance.


We’re forging new paths

of growth and leadership

to influence the world.

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