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DialogueDirect is a face-to-face fundraising agency serving some of the greatest non profit organizations in the world. We engage donors for our charity partners, through the medium of grassroots canvassing.


DialogueDirect is looking for activists and social entrepreneurs to join our team this summer. This program is for current college students seeking a paid, full-time summer internship. We are seeking candidates with an interest in marketing, sales, public relations, fundraising, non-profit management, and international relations, who want to learn practical, transferable skills applicable to every phase of their career. Our program offers students unique opportunities to build their skills through one on one training, group seminars, and professional development opportunities.

You will be representing the following charities
Key Drivers
  • Excellent communication and people skills

  • Leadership and team building experience

  • Strong work ethic and willingness to succeed

  • Drive to meet and exceed performance goals

  • Ability to work independently and with a team.

  • Passion for helping charities succeed

Travel Opportunities

San Francisco Interns fundraising in Texas

100 degree heat with 98 percent humidity might have some Californians beat, but not this crew. Half way through their week in Texas, they felt hydrated, energized, and hungry for more donors! 

"I never imagined I would spend my last summer in college taking to the streets of DC..."