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January 2, 2018

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Word on the Street

Newsletter - July 2017

Our ten-week fundraising internship program is designed to provide young, passionate activists with an opportunity to start making a difference for causes they care about most, by inspiring people to “Be the Change” they wish to see in the world.  
We’ve hired over 175 interns this summer!  Many have proven themselves to be fast learners and driven to make a change. The Washington D.C. team (pictured) has made their Team Leaders proud with outstanding performances, and they’re just getting started!

Summer Internship in Full Swing
Intern Spotlight: Zane

Zane joined our Philadelphia intern team and has been leading by example from day one! Zane has       already been promoted to Site Representative, and has wowed the team with her heart of gold,        intelligence, and passion for the cause! 
What does Zane love most about being a           Dialoguer?
“I love that every day, when I wake up, I know that when I go to work, I’m not going to some job where I’m complacent about the state of the world. I’m going to make a freakin’ difference!  Education is something that really drives me. I want knowledge accessible to people no matter who or where they are. Educating donors does that, and I do it every day!”

San Fran goes to Austin

Our interns hit the road! The San Francisco team had the opportunity to explore Austin, TX, on a fundraising trip. We love sending fundraisers to new places, to spread the word about our partners, and to step outside their comfort zones and grow. Jemy, San Francisco City  Coordinator, shared her thoughts:
“100 degree heat with 98 percent humidity might have some Californians beat, but not this crew. We’re staying hydrated, happy, and    hungry for more donors! We’re so excited to be here, helping keep Austin weird. “

Save The Children’s International Red Nose Day is an awesome awareness-raising event that spans the globe, and with celebrities of all stripes participating, we knew we had to        represent, too! To spice things up, we added a competitive element: the office who took the most pictures of their teams wearing Red Noses would win a prize cake!
Every campaign went all in to have their chance at the prize, including Portland, to the right, with a ton of sweet and inspiring shots, but            ultimately, the NYC campaign won the contest!  Unfortunately, all the cake was eaten before we could snap a picture. 

Let Them Eat Cake!
Red Nose Day