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Reflections and Thoughts – April 2020

We started the new decade with confidence and optimism - our entire DialogueDirect family was committed to building on our core values and motivated by our recent B Corp Certification. We pledged to live by our principles every day in every decision to put people before profits.

While the COVID-19 crisis suddenly turned the world upside down, our team found new ways to connect. The challenges faced by so many brought us all closer together. We cried together, we feared together, we laughed together, we learned together, and we persevered together.

This entire team represents the finest talent in the world – diverse, passionate, remarkable. We continue to find strength in each other, in ourselves, to overcome any challenge facing us. We are global citizens and our intention to change the world for the better has not once wavered.

We have learned that in time, we will reflect together. We will be looking backwards from the future into the past and it will help us better understand overcoming our fears, finding inner strength, and appreciating each other. The world may be completely different, even better.

While not physically side-by-side, our beliefs help us stand together. We acknowledge the past, prepare in the present, and come out a stronger team in the future. My hope over the coming months is that we never forget to appreciate the connection and engagement we long for…

The true gift of face-to-face fundraising.

Mike Wakeland

Chief Executive Officer


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