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Why the World Needs More Agents of Change

Navigating a Changing World with Purpose

There is something on everyone's minds, you can hear it in the news, ask around the office. It is never far from people's minds regardless of what stage in life they're at.

What we're referring to is -- you guessed it, purpose!

Everybody wants to feel that what they’re doing in this world is making a difference. In small or big ways. Purpose helps us navigate change in times of uncertainty. The past 18 months, for example, have led to a ‘Great Resignation’ where we’ve seen a record-breaking number of resignations throughout the country regardless of industry. Employees are taking chances in new careers or starting entire independent business endeavors. Purpose is driving movements, investments, and careers now more than ever. All the while, nonprofit organizations continue to face the most demand for aid they’ve seen in decades.

As a fundraising organization fighting for positive change for over 20 years, we are the biggest supporters of this mindset shift in the public. The reality, however, is that despite the collective shift – there’s still an incredible amount of work to be done. There are, indeed, more voices, more people learning and caring about causes, but the need for agents committed to change is yet to be met.

If this desire for change is going to turn a corner it will only be through collective and consistent action. This, of course, has been at the core of face-to-face fundraising all along. Despite us hearing comments like "get a real job", “you can’t make a difference”; we choose our cause every single day. It's the dedication, not just the interest. The commitment, not just the hope, that will propel us forward.

Simply put, the world needs more agents of change. It needs more than an extracurricular commitment to make a real sustainable difference. The tools are here. The passion is there. So what if we used it for good?


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