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Our History

Our founder was part of the pioneering team that started street fundraising in Austria and DialogueDirect USA was the first company doing direct dialogue in the US.


Fast forward to today. Over two decades later, face to face fundraising has become a global phenomenon. We’ve talked to millions of donors, raised millions in recurring monthly donations, representing dozens of the greatest charities in the world. All because our teams continue to believe in the power of conversation and action.​


What is face-to-face?

DialogueDirect fundraisers approach donors in public, engaging them in one-on-one, face-to-face fundraising.

We foster dialogue around the causes donors are most passionate about. We urge them to take action, and to be a part of the change we create every day. We talk to individuals from every walk of life, interacting with the public directly, because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to a cause they believe in.

Our Mission

  • We connect charities to great donors.

  • We help donors make an impact with the best international non profits in the world.

  • We give our fundraisers the best training available, every day.

  • We commit to the personal and professional development of every dialoguer's direct marketing, communication, sales, and leadership skills.

  • We pride ourselves on fostering the best leaders in the face-to-face fundraising industry.

  • We achieve this by asking ourselves, every day, “How are we getting better today?”

Our Values

  • Community: Building a welcoming and collaborative environment where our teams can thrive.

  • Integrity: Upholding the absolute best version of our teams personally and professionally as the face of DialogueDirect and our charity partners.

  • Opportunity: Forging paths of constant growth and strong leadership in order to influence the world.