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March 24, 2016

Drive and Determination: How Reds Run The Show

Welcome back! Today, we'll be focusing on the competitors, Reds.

If you're catching up, you can take the personality test here, and you can read up on our overview here.

Without further delay: Reds!

Identifying Reds

Reds are co...

March 21, 2016

Welcome back to our Marc Accetta March series!

For those just joining us, we're reviewing the four personality color types as defined by Marc Accetta's personality test. You can read our overview below, and take the test, if you haven't yet.

Today, we're looking at Green...

March 2, 2016

DialogueDirect is a diverse organization with a hiring strategy that targets individuals with strong and passionate personalities. We have seen firsthand how strong teams can be if you take character traits into account as you build a team.

How do you identify personali...

February 26, 2016

You're pitching a donor. They're nodding, smiling, laughing at your jokes, and they're moved by your cause. You get more and more excited, your pitch is spot on, and you think they're ready to commit. Everything has gone perfectly. Then, they stop you and ask, "So, wai...

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