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Year of Change

The World is Changing

The world is changing – accept it, become it, embrace it, further it. The truth is we’ve never been more connected and we’ve never been more needed than right now. We can be a force for good in this world, together.

But what does that mean, to be a “force for good”?

We believe it’s becoming the best in the world and the best for the world. It’s empowering a more innovative and inspired team. It’s leading with purpose and vision, but without a finish line. It’s making an impact on our communities, our partners, our planet, ourselves, and our teams. It’s standing steadfastly by our values.

We’ve been working towards this future for years.

The moment we dedicated our efforts to helping others. The moment we discovered our resilience and our voice. The moment we established our culture of values. The moment we stood by them. The moment we earned our B Corp certification. And this moment, right now, understanding how all of those individual moments became a movement.

The events of the past few months have given many pause. We’ve paused as well to listen, to learn, and to reflect.

Today, we’re enthusiastically launching this stronger vision for ourselves with our team – the future of our fundraising, our partnerships, and our teams. We’re excited to share more with all of you in the coming weeks, but for now we’re announcing the creation of four new roles to advance that culture, that impact, that leadership, and that purpose.

The world is changing – every day and every decision. The truth is we must do more than just change with it. The truth is we must lead that change, together.

We invite you to join us.

Darren Corrao

Chief Operating Officer

*Note: Job openings have now been closed.

[Photos left to right: Kickoff Summit 2020, Illustration by Danielle Coke, Ja'Det Photo by Ray Di Pietro]


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