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What I've Learned From Six Weeks of Fundraising- Intern Blog

We're like proud parents right now. The DialogueDirect summer internship team is in the field, crushing their goals, recruiting all star donors, and making a tremendous impact for our charity partners. Even better: they're breaking records and eclipsing our wildest expectations while they're at it! We've never had a summer team like this one before, and we couldn't be more proud of the passionate, talented team we have assembled.

We wanted a member of the internship team to share her thoughts on her summer fundraising experience, review the challenges and successes, and get some insight on what makes this team so special. I'll turn it over to the DC team's Elizabeth Pierce, rising senior at Lafayette College, to tell her story!

Elizabeth Pierce

“You seem super friendly! I like friendly people. We should meet!” I say to a woman, as I flail my arms up, trying to get her attention. She smiles at me, sees my very fashionable red charity bib, and stops. My smile widens, as I am genuinely excited to talk to this woman. It takes a wonderful person to even take a few minuets out of their busy day in downtown DC to talk to a complete stranger.

I never imagined I would spend my last summer in college taking to the streets of DC, asking people for donations. However, face to face fundraising is so much more than that. I can honestly say I love this internship. Not every interaction I have is positive: there are always those who say "I am sorry you have to do this" or "I understand, this is a terrible job."

But when I put on my red bib in the morning, I am representing a cause that I believe in. In my case, it is helping kids in extreme poverty. For others, it might be protecting the environment. When I put on that bib, it is no longer about the heat, the rain, or the rejection. It is about helping kids have a better life, and a better future.

Growing up, I was never very confident. Even throughout my first few years of college I would have a difficult time talking in class, or approaching new people I didn’t know at a party. It’s funny how I have spent my whole life working on my confidence and suddenly instead of slowing walking up the confidence hill, I was sprinting up the mountain. Having the skill to approach and talk to a complete stranger is something no class or any other summer internship could have taught me. There is no other opportunity where I would be able to meet people from all different walks of life, with different careers and backgrounds. As a college student who has zero idea of what I want to do with my future, I use every new person I meet as an opportunity to learn about their jobs, passions and how they got to where they are. I find every person inspiring in their own way.

“Would there be anything holding you back today from helping out one child and changing their entire world?” I bring my pitch to a close with the woman I was talking to. She eagerly responds asking what she can do to help. I obviously give her a hi-five (we really like giving hi-fives) as I get ecstatic that she is willing to help. People like her give me hope in the rest of humanity. I know there are plenty of wonderful people in this world, it is simply our job to find them. Without any technology or fancy advertising, we do what humans do best: face to face communication.

Thank you for your words, and your incredible work, Elizabeth!

We'll have more testimonials from our interns in the following weeks. If you're interested in learning more about our summer internship, you can find details here: DialogueDirect Summer Internship Page


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