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We Turned One: DialogueDirect Celebrates One Year as a B Corp

Here we are, world! The last month of 2020. If you’re like us, you may have a sense of accomplishment paired with relief. A quiet gratitude to have made it this far. And hopefully an encouraging beat of perseverance still within you. As long as 2020 felt, this last month is speeding by just like it does every year. We’re wrapping up final projects, running through holiday preparations, and remembering 1 more person to add to the gift list. Another lap around the sun inspires us to pause and reflect on all that’s happened. For our DialogueDirect team, this season means celebrating both holidays and our first B Corp B Day. *Cue the cake and confetti!*

If you asked us 1 year ago, “Are you ready for what’s ahead?”, we would have rallied, high fived, and shouted “Yes!”. (Naturally with a synchronized team clap of course). In December 2019, DD completed our first ever B Corp Certification and was determined to move our mission forward. Our commitment to doing what’s best for our teams, partners, and the world was formalized as we joined the B Corp Community. We felt confident and equipped to take on 2020, but truthfully the world wasn’t ready. Despite this, we did what humans tend to do during challenging times and found light to guide us. Our teams took a step back, searched internally and externally for those light posts, and continued forward. We were making sure that change didn’t dictate us but transformed us instead.

So as we celebrate our 1st year as a B Corp, we give the loudest applause to our team members who remained resilient. The agents of change that throw on their PPE, check their temperature every morning, and continue to raise the volume for children also facing COVID-19, the changing environment, and the wildlife in need. We’re celebrating the historic civic engagement, from our team and country, that reminded us our voices count We are giving gratitude to our partners who collaborated with us for new and creative solutions. From fighting food waste with Too Good To Go, to educating for social justice with Drive Change. This year we say cheers to taking learning and unlearning to a new level with both the amazing team at Verb and our Diversity & Inclusion committee.

It’s in the hardest moments that we recognize the amazing potential of people like them. At DD we are humbled to work with these leaders and continue to aspire to be the best in the world and the best for the world. It’s a mission that has no end. It will take infinite effort and passion. Our B Day wishes, or rather, our resolutions for this next year remind us that good work takes great commitment.

We’re looking forward to our 2nd year and rising once more. DD will be strengthening the foundation of our D&I Committee and Women’s Empowerment Group, providing sustainable impact for all of our partners, and improving development resources as well as mentorship for team members. Growth is still ahead and knowing that is motivation itself.

If our first B Corp year taught us anything, it’s that though this growth is challenging, we know that it is necessary and worth it. So, if you asked us the same question again, “Are we ready for what’s ahead?”. We would look to each other as teammates, give a determined nod, and declare “Let’s go”.

Happy B Day DialogueDirect and here’s to many more!

*Creating Tradition – January 21, 2021

As we wrapped up 2020, our team stepped into the new year with memories to share. Our B Corp B Day week was full of moments that brought us together, grew our B Corp knowledge, and celebrated how far we've come.

Each day of the week offered a different chance to connect and learn – and of course have fun! Teams joined our national kickoff call, played DialogueDirect trivia, shared their greatest gifts, and took time to give back to our local communities. From providing warm clothes to the homeless to donating food to families in need, Dialoguers rejoiced in giving. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our teams looked forward to the festivities and to creating a new tradition together.

After a challenging year, we were grateful to still create memories that remind us of who we are as team - no matter what. As traditions usually do, our B Day rekindled our collective purpose and reaffirmed the identity of DialogueDirect. It gave us a chance to pause and thank leaders who came before us, appreciate the milestones, and find determination to continue our mission. Moments like this define what success truly means to us - changing the world together.

From our team to yours, we wish you a year of growth and memories that shape you for the better. Take a look below for special moments and excitement from the team!


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