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Reaching Further: DialogueDirect’s Global Impact

What does the saying, “It’s a small world” truly mean? That phrase may spark memories of distant acquaintances, running into friends in unexpected places, or maybe even that old Disney song. For DialogueDirect, the saying means that we are one community across the globe.

For the past 25 years DialogueDirect has been reaching further to bring the world closer together. Because to us, building a better world takes approaching it as a “small” world where we align our values and cultivate a community. We know that there are givers all around the world, and when our passionate teams reach them, a more generous and compassionate society becomes a reality.

Collaborating within the Global Fundraising Group and partnering with multiple international charities, we have been able to create impact across hemispheres. From North and Central America to Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia – our team of industry leaders is a committed force for good. These relationships empower us to find creative solutions, innovate the world of giving, and welcome others into this important work.

DialogueDirect and REAL Fundraising in the United Kingdom, achieved B Corp Certification to change the way we do business – prioritizing our social and environmental influence. We’ve been able to launch our telemarketing division with support from the expertise of MonDial in Australia. And when much of the world went remote, our team in the United States, Diálogo Latin America, and FundPro in the Philippines resolved to work together virtually. Our collective strengths are developing collective opportunities.

We continue strengthening this global reach because we know that overcoming poverty, protecting the environment, and growing healthy families is only possible together. The more our world changes, the more we will take the lead as dedicated neighbors in our community. DialogueDirect believes that we can truly wrap our arms around this small world and guide us into a brighter future - a world where we can make change 24 hours a day, 7 days week, and across 7 continents.

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